Digitize your team to sell and carry out customer service via WhatsApp

Enable every team member to view and respond to all messages through a centralized WhatsApp account. Transform your customer service and sales processes in the messaging era.

More than 1200 organizations use Sirena for their communications

53% of people won't contact you if you don't have WhatsApp

Sirena allows your organization to respond to WhatsApp through a shared team inbox. No more messaging through personal accounts. Integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

* After you send us your approved Facebook Business manager.

Increase digital inquiries by 40%

Create messaging buttons so people can contact you in seconds.

* Customer explicit consent required

Double your customer service capacity through WhatsApp

Use scoring and distribution Bots to filter and direct inquiries. Distribute these inquiries to agents using automatic assignment algorithms.

* Depends on WhatsApp eligibility.

Team inbox for your sales, administration and support teams

For sales teams, automatic, exclusive assignment of new clients. For customer service, a shared team inbox. Available for desktop and in native apps for Android and IOS.


CEO Datasoft

"A must-have solution in this new reality"

We were stacked with piles of clients shouting for attention. We used to have several WhatsApp numbers, but each one administered by one person. The demand was disaggregated and unmanageable. Sirena simplified our business via WhatsApp. It was like finding water in the desert.

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