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Official integration with the largest sales website in South America. Your MercadoLibre customers will be contacted instantly thanks to Sirena.


Every lead from your forms in the same place. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns exponentially thanks to this integration!


Connect Sirena to any application. Zapier connects thousands of apps, including Sirena. Discover what this can do for your company.


Connect Sirena to Salesforce and take advantage of the world's most used CRM. This is the most intuitive communication tool in the market.

Integrations list


This official app integration allows you to reply to customer’s inquiries through Sirena’s platform. Lead interaction at your fingertips!


Sirena receives leads from your Facebook page's contact form for easy management.

OLX Argentina

Thanks to this official integration, you can receive leads coming from OLX listing and manage them in Sirena.


Download leads from your WebMotors listing to Sirena’s user interface. Sound good? That’s not all. Sirena immediately replies to leads with a welcome message before an agent makes contact.


Receive leads acquired through Cliengo forms directly in Sirena. Top notch!


This integration pulls leads from ZonaProp and downloads them to Sirena to be managed from your mobile. Your sales team will be thrilled!

Ford HUB

We connect to Ford’s official platform so sales process data is sent directly to the factory.

Prospección VW

We also make life easier for Volkswagen dealerships: Sirena download leads from the Prospeccion VW website and timestamps each contacted customer.

Volkswagen RSE

Do you work for a Volkswagen dealership and haven’t yet started using Sirena? Did you know that our app generates mandatory factory reports automatically?


We maximize Salesforce functionality: this integration extracts leads from the CRM and enters them into Sirena. Inside our user interface you can change status, assign a Salesforce user and/or leave a note for somebody else to continue with the sales process.

PSA Emotion

This integration downloads leads from the PSA website and enters them into Sirena. Leads are recorded as “contacted” automatically once contact is made. Exciting!

Kia MX

Having trouble loading data? Not anymore. Each piece of data generated during the sales process is automatically uploaded to KIA MX’s official platform.

FBS (Fernando Bianchi Systems)

When you close a sale, Sirena sends the information to FBS so next steps can be handled in that system. Because, first and foremost, we are a communication tool.

Incoming Email

Is your inbox overflowing? We integrate the leads from your email so your agents can manage them easily through Sirena.

Sirena API

You can easily integrate your applications with our API.


The integration between Sirena and Zapier offers invaluable possibilities. You can manage Facebook leads and send them an email via Gmail, for example, or schedule a call via Google Calendar. Yep, all of that within Sirena.


All leads that converted in your Unbounce landing pages will be contacted in less than 15 minutes thanks to the Sirena integration.

Virtual Spirits

All leads generated through Virtual Spirits' Chatbot interactions centralized in a single platform.