What is Sirena?

There are three motivators that can trigger the creative impulse in a person’s life: need, ambition, and chance.

In 2016 we were faced with the first of the three: the need to solve the problem of businesses not communicating effectively with their customers.

When you encounter a need, the hunger consumes you and your brain starts working on overdrive. That’s when our ambition became clear: to disrupt the traditional sales model and connect the offline and online worlds.

But for the creative impulse to be truly activated, you need that third ingredient: chance. Accidents that take you down a completely different path.

And that's what happened to us.


Our Team

We are innovative, fun and flexible. We make our own rules about how a business should be. We are people of action, who tackle challenges fearlessly. We don’t believe in boring and tedious jobs, but we do believe in doing things that have real impact. We are interested in motivated people who give answers, not excuses.

Our Offices

Buenos Aires

Superí 1456, C1428BAH



São Paulo

Av. Nações Unidas 14261

São Paulo



Paseo De La Reforma 26

Ciuded de México


San Francisco

399 Fremont St 94105

San Francisco, CA

United States