ClickToChat: The WhatsApp button that lets your clients contact you

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Your customers no longer have to fill out forms!

Your customers can click to instantly chat with your business on WhatsApp
Receive messages and respond in seconds!
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"I want to hug the people that created this app! 🤗"

Eliana Djain, Sirena client since 2016.

Why use ClickToChat?
No forms for the customer to fill out
Clients can start a conversation instantly
As soon as the client contacts you, you have their phone number and can answer directly through WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a familiar method of contact for your clients, so they will not hesitate to contact you there
Customer service from a business number
You can continue the conversation even if the client leaves your site
I want to install my ClickToChat button
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How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing! It's totally free and you can install all the buttons you want.

What does the button look like?

If you have a web page, you can add the ClickToChat button. The button appears in the lower right corner of your website. You can contact us if you want it to appear in the lower-left corner.

Is the button customizable?

Yes! The button has the option to display a chat or go directly to WhatsApp. The standard configuration includes only the button, but if you want the chat option, contact us after registering and we'll help you set it up.

Can I remove the button?

Yes. You can remove the installable code whenever you want.

Do you read my conversations with clients?

Of course not. All conversations are made using WhatsApp. Therefore they are encrypted from end to end.

How do I install the button?

To install it, click here, complete the form and we’ll send you a step-by-step manual. The installation takes just a few seconds.

Can I install the button on my WordPress website?

Of course! Just download the WordPress Plugin by clicking here.

Can I install the button on my Facebook page?

Unfortunately, you cannot put these types of buttons on your Facebook page. But you can use it on all your other landing pages and website pages.