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A suite to connect to your customers in seconds having quality conversations.

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A complete solution that integrates both your sales channels and your working tools.

How does Sirena work?

1. A client gets in touch with your business
Sirena integrates your sites and media channels.

2. An available rep answers!
Sirena notifies your team and, in seconds, your salesman is talking with the client.

3. Better service = More sales
With a better phone contact, WhatsApp, email or walk-ins, you improve your results!

Prepare your team for an omni-channel world!

Walk-ins and Visits
Either through presence at showrooms or by visits to customers.

Social media & Chat
Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp & Similar channels.

Phone calls
Published phone numbers or individual rep lines.

Online channels
Website Forms, Classifieds & any source of Online Marketing that generates leads.

The -all in one- Communication Solution

A complete suite of Android, iPhone and Web native apps with focus on sellers usability.

Dashboards, Reports & Automatic Alerts give immediate visibility to your managers.

Sirena desktop complements our apps. The ideal tool for mid-management and on-site use.

Ready to scale
Proprietary API allows integration to ERPs and major CRMs (Salesforce, Sugar, etc.)

Superpowers for your whole business!

For Quality & Commercial Managers
  • 💸 3x more results for your salesperson

    Salesmen that use Sirena get in touch faster and sell above three times the average seller.

  • ⭐️ Enhance your Quality indicators

    Lead the national rankings and ensure the maximum quality bonus for your business. 

  • ⏰ Alerts when you need them

    Sirena supervises your team for you and lets you know just in case of needing your attention.

For Marketing Managers
  • ⚡️ Contact your clients instantly

    Companies that use Sirena get to contact 90% of their customers in less than 7 minutes.

  • 📢 Discover where to advertise the better

    Understand what happens to your Marketing investment and discover how to get better results.

    👑 Manage your channels like a king

    Google? Daily? Facebook? No matter where you invest, have full control in only one place!

For Sales Teams
  • 👍 Whatsapping instantly with your clients

    In 1 click you will be sending personalized templates to your clients without having to manually load them!

  • 🚀 Less work, more sales

    We give you a simple tool that makes you easily find which customers to sell to.

  • 😉 Stop loading data!

    With Sirena, your actions are recorded automatically so you don't have to waste your time.

We integrate with these channels and many more!

More than 3000 Directors, Managers & Salespeople already using Sirena

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“We improved our bottom-line with a much more agile contact with our clients. The reports, management tools and simplicity of Sirena are remarkable. We are very happy with this solution!”

Sebastián Polo
Ford Manager, Dietrich Group (Argentina)
Some Latin America companies that already trust us

Legendary Service

Our Customer Success team will always be available to solve any doubt.
We do the impossible to help you. All we care about is your success!

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