Now Integrated with whatsapp business!

Talk with all your clients in just one place

WhatsApp, calls, Facebook leads and more than 100 places in one app. All the communication of your company in the same place.

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No more selling through the personal WHATSAPP

All your company connected to WhatsApp

A WhatsApp number per team

With Sirena you can create unlimited WhatsApp numbers and manage all your stores, sales teams, or company departments.

Control all the communications in one place

Employees use their personal WhatsApp to sell and companies don't know what happens in those conversations. Lies, no follow ups, and bad grammar are a thing of the past.

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Install one App, and chat with all your clients

Take maximum advantage of all your marketing channels

Connect your facebook, Instagram leads, Instagram, Chatbots, MercadoLibre, Web Forms and more than 100 websites. Start instant conversations with autorized templates that convert into sales

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ONLINE & Off Line

Your clients can contact you from everywhere

Your WhatsApp number everywhere

Window displays, websites , advertising, and more ... The opportunities are endless!

The sales channel that your clients prefer

Make your clients life easier by giving them a contact channel that is quick and simple

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"I want to hug the people that created this app! 🤗"

Eliana Djain, Sirena's client since 2016.

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A complete toolbox for your business

Connect, Automate, and Personalize

Distribute your clients automatically
Send audios, images and emojis
Save time with personalized templates
Custom made integrations for your business
Measure everything and improve your marketing ROI
Connect with CRMs, ERPs, and more
We join you through the journey

Customer Success

A team made out of specialist that are passionated for helping you throughout the journey. An account executive assigned to make using Sirena even easier

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